Vacuum Hoists

Vacuum lifting devices are the ideal working materials for handling metal sheets, glass panes, wood and concrete sheets with a weight of up to 2,000 kg (4,400 lbs.). The retention process is implemented by vacuum. Secure lifting of the load is accomplished by a chain hoist or a vacuum operated tube. Because of its robust design, the vacuum lifting device has a long lifetime. Due to the compact and modular design, individual adaptation to various applications is no problem. During the transport of heavy loads, safety is the top priority. All versions feature a large vacuum reservoir and easy-to-read gauge. The audible warning signal or a decrease in the vacuum works even during power interruptions and thus guarantees maximum safety. Operator errors are prevented by a unique hand-gear valve. Because of its low weight and good accessibility of control elements, even heavy loads can be handled easily. With our standard and specialized devices, we offer an appropriate solution for every application.

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